Inventors Instructions to carrying out game Instead of plates on a platform it is possible to draw circles.

It is necessary to put plates through a streamlet so, that at the same time could pass a streamlet ty.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty dexterity.

Children practise in jumps on both feet, in balance.

Inventors Equal circle Description of game Children become in a circle.

One of playing vosp the tatel appoints the inventor.

It is in the middle circle.

Children go according to instructions of the tutor to the right or to the left under the following text Equal circle, Stand still, One after another, Amicably together We follow a step a step.

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And suddenly

And suddenly You eternally are afraid of everything!

Anton laughed loudly.

You want that I proved to you, give became angry Maxims.

He took bank and drank to the bottom the quite opposite swill.

Maxim did not feel anything, except the unpleasant burnings in a stomach.

Having said goodbye to children, it went to wash.

And suddenly on the road tension squeezing it released.

It became so easy that wanted to laugh.

This state helped it to sustain mother's reproaches.

Usually charges of mother pierced in it, as needles, and se godnya to it was on everything to spit.

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If in your

If in your Supervision over birds can proceed the invitation on walk Daws girlfriends flied, it is good on the street go too to walk.


You want to have a look from a window at a cat, and the cat is still not here.

If in your kindergarten there lives a cat, simply invite him to be treated under yours window.

The nurse takes out a cat, and the tutor calls children Look!


What does it do?

Yes, the aunt Yulya gave sausages to it.

And how he eats?

Paw holds and tears off teeth on a slice, and itself looks back suddenly, who will take away, here the ridiculous!

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Thus at such

Thus at such Thus at such children also more long time of reaction is noted in comparison with children only with SDVG.

Besides, at children with SDVG and high uneasiness more deficiency of random access memory and reduction in the rate of thought processes are expressed Pliszka S.


, ; Schatz D.

Century, Rostain A.

L, .

Existence of komorbidny disturbing frustration at patients with SDVG defines heavier current, the worst forecast and insufficient efficiency of therapy of Pliszka S.


, ; Newcorn J.

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Game to voices

Game to voices Win tel will be that participant who will not allow odes ache mistakes.

Game to voices The stock is absent.

Quantity ig fates .

Rules All players become around, conducting in se to Rehden.

To it tie with a scarf eyes.

Players of a nachin yut to drive a round dance round the leader with words We wanted to play Also decided everything to rise in a circle.

You, the leader, do not quail, Guess better rather.

Who called you, tell, Kohl you do not know stand, be silent!

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  • After it all players
  • Thus, if you could
  • If in your
  • The child
  • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friend
  • Game to voices
  • Tell, who in your
  • Nobody will
  • I don't want
  • Game can be complicated, having